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5 Reason why hammocks are good for your health

5 Reason why hammocks are good for your health. - Nakie

We all know nothing feels more relaxing than chilling in a hammock watching the sun go down. Or being in your hammock reading your favourite book. 


Being in a hammock rocks… (pun not intended but we will keep it in there anyway) did you know that spending time in a hammock is good for your health too.

  1. Improve your Sleep. - Babies are on to something being rocked induces sleep. Researcher at the University of Geneva in Switzerland say “The gentle rocking motion makes people fall asleep faster, and they sleep deeper. Those changes in brain activity may inspire new ways to help insomniacs”

  2. Help with muscle aches. Sleeping in a hammock will relieve pressure on areas of your body compared to a bed. The idea is that the surface is more flexible, so there’s equal pressure on all parts of your body. It also molds to your natural curves. 

  3. Reduce Stress - A hammock is a simple, centuries-old solution, that forces you to slow down and disconnect - it gets you swaying, relaxing, and switching off - all steps necessary to improve your mental health.  

    You should spend 10 minutes in a hammock every single day. Unless you're too busy, then you should spend an hour

  4. Improve blood circulation - Hammocks elevate your upper body and allow for better circulation to the head. The simple yet natural design of the hammock gives the body the support and comfort it needs for a truly relaxing experience putting minimal stress on your limbs and spine

  5. Improve Sleeping Posture - Hammocks can alleviate back pain when in the proper position. Hammocks force the user to maintain a back sleeping position while leaving the legs and torso stretched out completely. People tend to hunch over while on a computer or doing other basic tasks during the day and they can mimic this positioning during slumber. A hammock can provide a basic stretch of the body, loosening tight muscles and aligning the spine

Bonus Heath Hack - Hammocks get you outdoors spending more time in nature instead of a TV or computer need we say more....

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